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This Picture Of Tony Abbott Sewing Lips Shut Has Gone Viral

The artist behind the piece, James Fosdike, spoke to BuzzFeed News about the artwork's impact.

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Every now and then I feel the need to draw something that pokes fun at politics. This one was a little different than I've done in the past as there's not a lot of humour in it. There's no dick on his head.It probably took about 4-5 days to do in between other jobs.

Whilst the artwork got hundreds of retweets on Twitter, it was on Facebook that it really travelled. Nick Snelling, unrelated to Fosdike and his art, used the photo in a Facebook status discussing recent laws put into place by the Australian government.

Facebook: nick.snelling

The Australian Border Force Bill 2015 which came into effect on Wednesday contains provisions for the prosecution of “entrusted people” who disclose “protected information” related to Australia’s immigration detention system. Anyone found to have violated the new rules could be jailed for up to two years.

Someone with a profile pic of Obama face-swapped onto Borat told me to grow up. Someone else told me I wasn't worthy enough to lick Abbott's shoes. I don't want to lick his shoes, so I'm okay with that. I thought the picture would be shared around a bit, but nowhere near the extent that it has. I'm glad it's being seen by lots of people.

Fosdike is no stranger to political satire - his latest piece attests to that.

Glad you all liked my latest Abbott illustration! Here's my next #auspol portrait, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten!

I was thinking about it for a few months, but couldn't find any spare time to do it. Sadly, Abbott does so many horrible things related to Asylum Seekers on such a regular basis that no matter when I found time to do it, it would still be topical.

Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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