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50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

The problem is all inside your head.

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1. Slip out the back, Jack.

2. Make a new plan, Stan.

3. You don't need to be coy, Roy.

4. Just set yourself free.

5. Hop on the bus, Gus. You don't need to discuss much.

6. Just drop off the key, Lee.

7. Take the stairs, Blair.

8. Head out the door, Eleanor.

9. Parachute outside, Clive.

10. Write a breakup letter in henna, Jenna.

11. Escape to Malia, Tahlia.

12. Just leave to the left, Steph.

13. Where did you park, Mark?

14. Run out in the rain, Elaine.

15. Choose another maiden, Aiden.

16. Lie down on the lawn, Shaun.

17. Carpe Diem, Liam.

18. Go play for Duke, Luke.

19. Say you couldn't care less, Tess.

20. Hire a boat for charter, Carter.

21. Eat some lamb, Sam.

22. Go in any ol' fashion, Sebastian.

23. Run off and pay tax, Max.

24. Lay down and rejoice, Boyce.

25. Say you have nothing else to saviour, Xavier.

26. Head out with the cleaner, Sophia.

27. Pop out for tea, Emily.

28. Chase your tail, Abigail.

29. Head out with Maddison, Addison.


30. Head out with Addison, Maddison.

31. Give 'em hell, Annabelle.

32. Don't go shyly, Miley.

33. Be careful not to yell, Mel.

34. Get a plane to Pretoria, Victoria.

35. Off to the Savannah, Savannah.

36. Don't charge a fee, Lucy.

37. Don't be quiet, Violet.

38. Say you have a sore tummy, Sunny.

39. Be quiet like a mouse, Klaus.

40. Go eat some candy, Candy.

41. Head to Texas, Alexis.

42. Don't try to decipher, Piper.

43. Don't be a dick, Nick.

44. Make sure everyone's on the same level, Neville.

45. Be clear, dear.

46. Fly to Maddison, Allison.

47. Dive in a lake, Jake.

48. Hang out in the North-End, Preston.

49. Buy a spaniel, Daniel.

50. Sit and cry, Malakai.