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    21 Things You Never Knew About AC/DC

    For starters, they're not retiring just yet.

    1. In 1989, the US military blared AC/DC music at General Manuel Noriega's compound in Panama for two continuous days. The dictator surrendered.

    2. The term "AC/DC" is a slang for bisexuality--something that the Young brothers did not find out till later.

    3. AC/DC are one of the five top-selling bands in American music history, selling nearly 71 Million albums in the US alone!

    4. Back In Black has sold an estimated 45 Million copies worldwide. That makes it the second highest selling album in history!

    5. The Young brothers and Bon Scott were all born in Scotland.

    6. There is a third Young brother, George, who was a member of The Easybeats.

    7. Malcolm Young claims he gave up being the lead guitar player for the band because he wanted to focus on drinking.

    8. The band has a street - ACDC Lane - named after them in Melbourne.

    9. In their 2008 US tour, the band requested three oxygen tanks and three masks at each venue.

    10. AC/DC got their name from the Young brother's sister, Margaret, who suggested something she'd seen on the back of a vacuum.

    11. Before settling on his custom school boy outfit, Angus Young dressed as Zorro, Spiderman and in a gorilla suit.

    12. In the bands 37 year history there has been 26 members, with only the Young brothers being involved for the entirety.

    13. The band were commemorated on an Australian 'Rock 'n' Roll' stamp set in 1998.

    14. Lead singer Brian Johnson alone is worth $90 million.

    15. The band were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2003.

    16. A lot of people think AC/DC are satanists.

    17. AC/DC were on a Russian black list, practically banning them from circulation in the USSR.

    18. The band have literally made their way into school books.

    19. The use of the telephone number 36-24-36 from 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' resulted in a $250,000 lawsuit. A couple claimed it was their number and they were being harassed.

    20. The first song released following original lead singer Bon Scott's death was "You Shook Me All Night Long."

    21. It was also the first AC/DC song to make the US Top 40.

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