20 Signs You Grew Up In The Northern Territory

It’s nothing like that bloody Baz Luhrmann movie!

1. You care more about sunscreen than anything else in the world.

2. You’ve been ‘branded.’

3. July 1st means one thing only: MADNESS


4. You know it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get an air conditioner repairman to your house without 3 months notice.

5. In fact you can’t remember the last time you weren’t sweating for some reason or another.

6. Running in the rain is AMAZING.

7. If you own a black car you’re an idiot.

8. You know not to mess with the Hunting & Fishing laws.

9. And you’re well aware of how beautiful your state’s natural landscape can be.


The Devils Marbles are huge granite boulders scattered across a wide, shallow valley, 100 kilometers south of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.

10. Not to mention the wildlife.


12. You know this exists a few hours away but you’ve still never been to it.


13. Casuarina Square is there for its air conditioning.

If you go there “for the shopping” you’re an idiot.

14. You have lived through a day where cold water just WOULD NOT come out of your taps.


15. You can walk around your whole city in less than an hour.

Alice Springs, Darwin, it doesn’t matter.

16. The NT News just isn’t that funny anymore.

17. When you tell people you’re from The Northern Territory they ask the stupidest questions

18. You’re used to seeing things like this at the supermarket.

‘Roo tails. What a treat!

19. You know who this guy is.

20. And you speak Greek now, having never taken a class.

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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