Bob in Boston
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    • Bob in Boston

      Romney was doomed to fail from the beginning, but the GOP insiders pushed him as the “front-runner” regardless, even when he was losing straw polls, because he was controllable. Unfortunately what we Republicans want now is someone with actual principles, who has been consistent throughout their career, and has shown that they are capable of sticking to the constitution and their principles no matter what.
      In the GOP convention in August, the GOP insiders and Romney campaign literally changed rules against the will of the delegates to make sure Romney was on the ballot unopposed, even though Ron Paul had won enough delegates to be on the ballot too. That act alienated millions of liberty-minded Republican activists, and contributed to Romney losing, since most Ron Paul supporters either wrote him in or voted for Gary Johnson. If Ron Paul had been the nominee, Gary Johnson said he would step down, and Gary Johnson got enough votes to make the difference in many of the swing states, so nominating Ron Paul most likely would have won the election for the Republicans.  The GOP shouldn’t lose sight of why Romney lost. Nobody is interested in the Federal Government controlling social issues - we want to make our own decisions. We don’t want a huge bloated federal government stealing our money and wasting it on wars in countries that have done nothing to the United States. Until the GOP understands that, they will never win the presidency again. Ron Paul was the perfect candidate for 2012, and the GOP cheated to make sure he wouldn’t have a chance. If the GOP doesn’t turn themselves around and allow someone like Rand Paul to run successfully in 2016, then they will lose again, because people like me won’t vote for someone like Jeb Bush or even closet NeoCons like Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal. If you don’t have a history of voting to shrink the Federal Government, then don’t even bother running in 2016 - myself and millions of others refuse to vote for you. If you run a liberty-minded candidate, and stand behind them versus marginalizing them like you did with Ron Paul, then you will win 2016 easily, because after another 4 years of Obama, people will be ready for a change, and the change will be returning to the constitution!

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