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Tebowing 3:16 Meme

Tim Tebow is not the only person with 316 reasons to bow!

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  • 1. Don't smile - you weren't the first!

    Don't smile - you weren't the first!

  • 2. The original 3:16

    The original 3:16

    Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!

  • 3. Neo Tebowing

    Neo Tebowing

    Neo tebowing after shooting his way past 316 guards. After realizing that there is no football, and throwing a ball 316 yards in a single throw, such feats seemed surprisingly easy. Source

  • 4. Starfleet Victory Tebow

    Starfleet Victory Tebow

    The Starfleet American Football team's three lead players tebow in secular thanksgiving for their victory over the gods of Olympus team. Source

  • 5. Dr. Who Tebows

    Dr. Who Tebows

    The first Doctor tebowing after defeating the Daleks in a game of American football. Source:

  • 6. Tebowing Terminators

    Tebowing Terminators

    Was this military robot PETMAN programmed to tebow, or is this an act of spontaneous thanksgiving to its creators, having successfully carried out its first test mission? Source:

  • 7. Lord Vader Tebowing

    Lord Vader Tebowing

    Someone snapped this photo of Darth Vader, tebowing in celebratory thanksgiving to his lord, after cutting the opposing team into 316 pieces in the Jedi vs. Sith football championship. Source:

  • 8. Rainbow Wig Man

    Rainbow Wig Man

    If Stone Cold Steve Austin was not the first then this guy probably was.

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