12 Things We Love About Cars

A list of 12 things that make having cars a massively rewarding experience.

1. They look super cool for a start

Via [Source: mybimmer.com]

2. They have faces, which is really cute.

Via [Source: mybimmer.com]

3. We get to hang these in them…

Via [Source: tellingdad.com]

4. Sometimes, you get to do this…if you’re James Bond.

5. The enormous sense of accomplishment you get from doing this on your own.

Via [Source: Guardian]

6. Got caught in the rain? Nope, me neither.

7. They made England look cool.

8. They can make ANYTHING look cool.

Via [Source: /i.imgur.com]

9. Some of our best memories growing up involved cars.

Via [Source:Google]

10. Which also included the best ever time machine. Ever.

11. You always get a thrill going through here….

12. Finally, no matter what type you have, you’ll always love it. Because it’s yours.

Central Contracts / Via centralcontracts.com

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