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The 12 Oddest Things We Found Out Visiting Every Pier In England And Wales

A two week, two thousand mile road trip around the coast of the country. We saw beautiful beaches, perfect pleasure piers and smashing seas: but we also saw some of the strangest things Britain has to offer.

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Sometimes the fast food joints have a confusing message

A vegetarian battered sausage, advertising something near Southsea’s Clarence Pier (which barely stops hugging the shore, so might not even be a real pier).

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Read about our two weeks by the seaside, and the seaside, and the seaside, and the seaside…

Summersdale/Dan Mogford

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"Peerless" - Danny Wallace

"Humour, nostalgia and a certain landlocked romanticism run through this coastal odyssey. Pier Review is an engaging and highly revealing sideways look at Britain from the margins." - Catherine O'Flynn

"I don't think I read books anymore, but if I did, I think this is the sort of book that I would read"
- Bill Drummond

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