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    Pier Review: How Many Of These Piers Have You Visited?

    All the fun of the pier: rides, candy floss, maybe a show, or just staring out to sea in the rain. But could you visit all of England and Wales' surviving seaside piers? Jon and Danny with their mate Midge at the wheel did all 55: in two weeks, in a clapped out Clio. How do you measure up to these pierverts?

    1. Check all the surviving seaside piers you've visited.

      Summersdale/Dan Mogford

      This is the full list according to the National Piers Society, we visited them all… some as you can see, at night.

    Read about our two weeks by the seaside, and the seaside, and the seaside, and the seaside…

    Summersdale/Dan Mogford / Via

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