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Do You Know Everything There Is To Know About Red Velvet?

Let's power up!

  1. Which company is Red Velvet under?

  2. What year did Red Velvet debut?

  3. What is the fandom name?

  4. Who is the leader of Red Velvet?

  5. Who is the main vocalist?

  6. Whose real name is Park Sooyoung?

  7. Who is Katy Kim?

  8. Whose nickname is Sexy Dynamite?

  9. Who is the oldest?

  10. Which two members were born on the same year?

  11. Whose representative color is yellow?

  12. Whose representative animal is a hamster?

  13. Which member joined later, making Red Velvet a five member group?

  14. Which member was born in Daegu?

  15. Who is Joy's biggest fan?

  16. Which 2 members were the first Red Velvet sub-unit?

  17. Which song was the first to reach 100 Million views?

  18. What is the name of Red Velvet's light stick?

  19. And finally, what is Wendy's bubble tea order?

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