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    • borisbadenov1520

      I believe that both aprties underestimate the fact that the middle class Americans are really pissed off at Obama and COngress. The younger ones do not remember an America under Reagan and the equally big mess the Democrats left with the Vietnam War and then with Jimmy Carter and how that world went Islamic and violent, not to mention Soviet imperialism in the world. Not a Tea Party victory, but a victory of the heart of America, the normal average every day Joe and Jane struggling to survive in an economy goner sociopolitical wrong, and a wave of immigrants who feel they get head of the line privileges unlike our European law-abiding new citizens…and a leader whose past and present says he is nothing but a poster child for a failed party of policies no nation can afford without destroying the middle class…and the resultant world poised on the verge of world war if only the press was free to report and not propagandize 7 days a week. A Democrat who became a Republican in the Nam, and now sees a path for a third party if the Republicans let the rightist nuts destroy our party like the Communists and socialists under the guise of Progressive have done to a once great people’s Democratic Party. This was a signal of things to come for all politicians and the President…now for the Speaker of the House and his equally disgusting Senatorial despot.

    • borisbadenov1520

      Whether I as a Republican agree with the TEa PArty entirely or ot, this is a win for America. Unless we take that despot in the Waste House and these Congressional criminals out from their thrones where they by votes with our freedoms and tax dollars, we soon will have no America at all. Amazing where the state language of the EU is English, and here we speak the language of a failed culture ? Rand Paul needs to go after his attempt to cut our military and retiree health care (don’t worry as you are distracted about the VA, Obama did it to us without the press saying a word on the news-thanks America for again since Bill Clinton cut our benefits allowing Obama to do it again.)

    • borisbadenov1520

      Her communist mentor in college, her thesis still locked away, Whitewater embezellment and murder, escape from trial and prosecution by running to New York to be a Senator, and then do-nothing as SoS, and Benghazi…so why elect Hilalry for what difference would it make? As a retired veteran and after world engineering professional, you Americans have got to be kidding me that for a handful of penis-envy women you would put this liar and murderer in office just because she is a woman…go read her other book, “It Takes A Village…” If if this is what you want for your kids and our America, then time for a civil war as we are a Republic where we vote and the majority rules and not the present and future despotic regime of Hillary the Terrible or the present poster child for every known and well-funded program for a culture, bot race that refuses to assimilate and get off its arse and go to work and raise families as normal American families do. Oh, I forgot, you do not have kids; and at least you are honest brokers as Hilalry never raised her daughter, and it shows. Nice that dad previously broke bought her a penthouse in NYC from the money he received for supporting and promoting Red Chiense business interests…but then what does one expect from this Communist-loving draft dodger who was in Moscow when I was in the ‘Nam….you want them, then take them with you and join the ranks pf Putin and another socialist nation corrupt and unable to help its youth with real jobs and real independence outside of Hillary-like Putin youth camps… Sorry but no Zeig Heil Hillary, but not now or ever murderer.

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