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    8 Goosebumps-Inspired Halloween Costumes

    October 31st is approaching! Time to bring the R.L. Stine-induced nightmares of your childhood to life.

    1. The Haunted Mask

    Easy: Purple tee. Blue overalls. The grossest green mask you can find. Make like main character Carly Beth and get meaner and meaner as the night goes on, until you come to the panicked realization that 1) you are a huuuuuuge jerk, and 2) the mask has become your face.

    2. Stay Out of the Basement

    While the cover may have you thinking it’s time to dress like Swamp Thing (any excuse is a good excuse), here’s what you need to do: construct a bright green garden on your head, then perch an old LA Dodgers cap on top. Wrap a bloody bandage around one hand. Boom: You’re Dr. Brewer. Now go around telling folks to “Stay out of the basement,” gesturing threateningly with your gross hand.

    Bonus Costume: If you’d rather go as Casey Brewer, just walk around with your shirt off, much like Casey weirdly did for almost the entire first half of the book.

    3. Go Eat Worms!

    Dress up as a giant worm. Hand out gummy worms, watch in horror as people start eating them, and accuse them loudly of mistreating your babies.

    Bonus Points: Get a friend to come with, wearing a Raiders hat filled with gummy worms and acting creepily obsessed with worms. That's Todd Barstow, who everyone at the party can get mad at because the whole angry giant worm thing is basically his fault.

    4. Say Cheese and Die!

    Load a digital camera with pictures of skeletons, a smashed up car, and one of your friends with their neck bent at a disturbing angle. (You might want to avoid this friend, who'll probably be seriously creeped out by your Photoshopping.) Try to convince everyone that your camera predicts the future.

    Or just gather up some pals and dress like a family of skeletons having a bitchin’ good BBQ because that sounds way more fun.

    Bonus Points: dress up as a Perfect Human Being *before* going out there with your scary death camera, and you will be Ryan Gosling playing the main character in the TV version of this episode, because that is a thing that really happened.

    5. The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

    Dress as a scarecrow. Walk into whatever party you decide to attend at midnight. Make bad Field of Dreams puns all night. (Uh, it might have to be the same one over and over again.)

    6. Night of the Living Dummy

    A crisp gray suit with a sharp bowtie, some eyeliner running down from the corners of your mouth — congrats, you’re the evil ventriloquist's doll from Night of the Living Dummy. If you can figure out a way to have a steamroller crush you at the end of the night while trying to kill your owner’s pet dog… Bonus Points?

    While the ever popular Slappy is in this book, the main bad guy puppet here is named Mr. Wood. But you actually might want to go as Slappy, since dude has fun. He raps, slaps, and comes to life with an evil laugh at the end of the book. Plus, no steamroller, because….

    7. Night of the Living Dummy II

    Slappy's back! He wears the same outfit as Mr. Wood, but you'll also need to carry a card in your pocket, with an evil magic spell written on it, which goes, "karru marri odonna loma molonu karrano." If you can annoy someone into reading the spell out loud, then you have permission to act like an evil dummy all night. Congratulations.

    8. Why I'm Afraid of Bees

    Sure, everyone will think you're just the dancing Bee Girl from Blind Melon's "No Rain" video, but if you keep insisting that you were *supposed* to be a buff skateboarder named Dirk, you might just find the love of your life: the other Goosebumps fan who gets the joke.


    With heaps of respect to Goosebumps Original Series cover artist Tim Jacobus.

    What Goosebumps characters did we miss?

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