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Vampire Diaries Trivia

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Vampire Diaries? Find out with this impossible trivia that will test your knowledge from Season 1 to 5!

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  1. 1. What state is Mystic Falls in?

  2. 2. In Season 1, how does Vicki die?

    Car Accident
    She doesn't (Vicki is Alive)
    Stefan stakes her
    She drinks vervain
  3. 3. In Season 1, what really brings Alaric to Mystic Falls?

    Avenge his wife's death
    He is in love with Elena
    He accepts a teaching job at Mystic Falls
    He becomes a vampire
  4. 4. What does the herb vervain do?

    Turn humans into vampires
    Helps vampires see the future
    It allows vampires to walk in the daylight
    Protects humans from vampire compulsion
  5. 5. Why does Katherine turn Caroline into a vampire?

    She's Katherine Pierce - does she need a reason?
    To get back at Damon
    So she can sacrifice her to Klaus
    To save her from true death
  6. 6. What's the purpose of the Gilbert ring?

    It protects the wearer from death by supernatural causes
    It keeps vampires from entering the wearer's house
    It protects the wearer from John Gilbert
    It keeps werewolves away
  7. 7. In Season 2, why does Caroline end her relationship with Matt?

    She doesn't love him anymore
    She wants to be with Damon
    She fed off him and feels guilty
    She thinks he still loves Elena
  8. 8. Who are the Originals?

    The first generation of vampires
    Elena and Jeremy's parents
    Damon and Stefan Salvatore
    Katherine and her crew
  9. 9. What does the "Lockwood curse" say?

    Vampires and werewolves can never fall in love
    In order to become a werewolf, Tyler must kill someone
    Tyler must marry before he's 25
    Tyler can never leave Mystic Falls
  10. 10. What happens when Katherine is injured?

    Elena is also injured
    The earth shifts
    Katherine becomes human
    Damon feels her pain
  11. 11. In Season 2, why does Stefan join Klaus?

    To save Elena
    He believes Klaus killed his family
    To protect Damon
    Klaus compels him
  12. 12. In Season 3, how does Matt connect to Vicki's ghost?

    Bonnie has a seance
    Through Jeremy's new powers
    Through his dreams
    Using vampire compulsion
  13. 13. Why does Tyler finally tell his mother he's a werewolf?

    To convince her to free Caroline
    She finds a video of him turning
    His dad will leave if he doesn't tell the truth
    Elena threatens to tell his mom
  14. 14. What powers does Elena's necklace have?

    It connects her to her parents
    It makes her immune to compulsion
    It protects her against vampires
    It can contact the original witch
  15. 15. In Season 2, why is Klaus tracking Elena?

    He's in love with her
    He wants to get back at Stefan
    He wants to use her blood to create more hybrids
    Her blood makes him immune to vampires
  16. 16. What dead girlfriend does Jeremy keep seeing at school?

  17. 17. In season 3, why doesn't Rebekah attend the homecoming dance at the last minute?

    She has nothing to wear
    Katherine threatens her
    Elena daggers her
    To avoid seeing Klaus
  18. 18. Why does Elena ask Damon to compel Jeremy to leave town?

    So he finishes high school
    So he stops seeing his dead girlfriends
    To keep him safe
    To reunite Jeremy with his family
  19. 19. When do Damon and Elena kiss for the first time?

    After he compels Jeremy
    At the homecoming dance
    While looking for Stefan
    At a football game
  20. 20. In season 3, who is Caroline's date for the formal ball?

    She goes alone
  21. 21. At the end of Season 3, whom does Elena choose to be with?

    Damon, because she's tried of angry Stefan
    Stefan, because she realizes she met him when her parents' car crashed
    Neither, she wants to be on her own
    Klaus, because she wants to hurt the Salvatore brothers
  22. 22. In Season 4, who helps Elena transition from human to vampire?

    Matt allows her to feed off him
    Damon shows her how to kill animals
    Katherine teaches her everything
    Stefan steals her blood form the hospital
  23. 23. In season 4, who is Connor?

    The original werewolf
    A mad scientist doing tests on vampires
    A legendary vampire hunter
    Elena's brother
  24. 24. Why does Elena try to break up with Damon in Season 4?

    She finds out she is sired to him
    She wants to get back together with Stefan
    She's afraid he still loves Rebekah
    She needs to focus on Jeremy's problems
  25. 25. Why doesn't Elena just take the vampire cure?

    Klaus won't hand it over
    She's afraid to be human again
    Stefan asks her not to take it
    There is only enough for one person and she feels guilty
  26. 26. Why does Elena burn down her house?

    To turn off her humanity
    To cover up Jeremy's death
    To make her become human again
    To kill Klaus
  27. 27. What does Klaus give Caroline as a graduation present?

    Tyler's freedom
    The vampire cure
    A diamond necklace
    A vervain ring
  28. 28. In Season 5, what college does Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline attend?

    Mystic Falls University
    Whitmore College
    University of Virginia
    Virginia College
  29. 29. In Season 5, why does Bonnie struggle at school?

    She misses Jeremy
    She is an anchor to The Other Side
    Her witch powers are turned off
    She doesn't think she deserves to be there
  30. 30. In season 5, where was Elena during the three weeks she can't remember?

    Katherine took over her body
    She was under Damon's spell
    She was actually dead
    Klaus kidnapped her
  31. 31. What is the last thing Damon says to Elena before he dies?

    "I will always love you"
    "Come with me to the Other Side"
    "Protect yourself and let me be the hero"
    "You are by far the greatest thing that's ever happened to me in my 173 years on this earth"

Vampire Diaries Trivia

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