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    College Acceptance Season, As Told By "Harry Potter" GIFs

    Harry Potter and the League of Ivies.

    You've spent months anxiously awaiting emails from schools.

    It feels like all your friends got in ED and you're the only one left.

    Seriously, what is taking so long?!

    Then one flutters into your inbox.

    The more schools you applied to, the larger the ensuing avalanche.

    Some are rejections.

    (You eat your feelings on those)

    But some are acceptances!

    Your parents are so proud.

    Choosing is incredibly hard.

    Especially with your parents breathing down your neck.

    You go to admitted students' day to take one last look at things.

    You have to introduce yourself a thousand times over.

    Finally, you make your pick.

    You are officially IN.

    You become that one kid who owns ALL the school gear.

    Maybe you're just GONE and OUTTA HERE.

    Maybe you spend some time being sad to leave.

    Like it or not, you're moving on now.

    But you have two months to celebrate what you have left.

    And a (hopefully) great destination at the end of that journey.

    Congratulations! The wait is over!