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17 Ways To Have The "Sound Of Music" Wedding Of Your Dreams

I have confidence that the lonely goatherd will solve a problem like Maria.

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1. Find yourself a gorgeous country mansion for the ceremony and/or reception. / Via

This is the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT, a farm which the real Von Trapp family purchased and owned. It's available as a huge guesthouse, meeting place, and, YES, a wedding venue.

3. Hold your ceremony in a gazebo.


It's only where all the major love scenes happen. Rolf and Liesl? Maria and the Captain? (Plus, everyone in there ends up having rad dance/singing skills and you can't miss out on that)

8. If the wedding is small, you can name the tables after the children.


You can put the sassy guests over at the Gretl-is-not-impressed table and the awkward ones over at derp-face Kurt.

17. Have your wedding party learn "So long, Farewell." / Via

Because breaking up the monotony with a choreographed dance number is always fun. Just make sure that they haven't had too many sips of champagne first.

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