Kids Books We’re Still Recovering From

October. It’s about time for me to pull out some of my favorite books that freaked me out as a kid.

1. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Spiders. Spiders laying eggs in faces. IF THIS DOESN’T RING A BELL I DON’T KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU.

2. Where The Red Fern Grows

Via Doubleday

Much like Old Yeller, there are dogs, and you will cry.

3. A Little Princess

Girlfriend gets dropped off at boarding school and EVERYBODY DIES. Okay not really, but papa is gone and the headmistress is not having it with sweet little Sara Crewe.

4. Goosebumps

Via Vulture Media

The covers alone freaked me out. I could not read them as a kid as a result.

5. Rebecca

Mrs. Danvers. Let her give you nightmares for a while, mkay?

6. The Secret Garden

Via Project Gutenberg

Much like A Little Princess, EVERYBODY DIES. Except this time they really do die and the soldiers find this small child wandering around an abandoned compound you know is filled with dead bodies.

7. It

Don’t tell me I wasn’t supposed to read Stephen King as a kid. Clearly no one was monitoring my reading list.

8. Bridge to Terabithia

Right in the My Girl feels, y’all. Good luck recovering from that one.

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