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Books That Should Be Adapted: Tamora Pierce

This has me more excited that is acceptable. Here's why.

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This here is my girl Alanna. I call her "my girl" because Alanna pretty much ushered me through the horrible tween years before there were tween years labelled as such. I read her books cover-to-cover so many times that I had to buy multiple copies. And in the early 90s, when I was reading them, that was difficult because they weren't all in print anymore. I had to do some serious scouring of bookshelves at Half-Price Books, you know?

Anyways, Alanna is awesome. In the days when pretty much the only non-way too grown up for you fantasy novels about women consisted of anything Arthurian written by Marion Zimmer Bradley, finding a series about a bad-ass young girl who bound her breasts and switched places with her twin BROTHER so she could become a knight and he could become a mage was pretty spectacular.

BTW did I mention she has red hair, purple eyes and becomes FIRST friends with the Prince of the Realm and later...more...?

This here was the second book. Do you see her awesome familiar, Faithful? Girlfriend had a cat who SPOKE to her. I love Hedgwig and everything, but Faithful convinced me that someday I was going to be a wizard because I had to have a cat like him.

If they make this book into a movie - which HELLO look at the link above - I cannot wait to see the awesome building of sets and the inner parts of the palace where she has to pass all her tests so she can rise to full rank as Knight of the Realm. It will be amazing. There will be misty spirits, a red-headed twin brother (*cough*thatkidfromLoveActually*cough*), and a whole lot of magic that glows purple. I'm freaking out just thinking about it.

Alanna is so cool she gets a great name among the native people in the desert. She's the Woman Who Rides Like a Man. As you can imagine, her horse is pretty spectacular but pretty much what I took from this book was a fierce desire to dress like a shaman from Trebond for most of my teenage years. IE I wanted to wear nothing but JJill for the years when it was not okay to be dressing all different because you would be ridiculed by your peers.

Alanna of Trebond made it look fun and cool and totally fancy, and I WANTED IT.

If this movie gets made, I hope they hire the costume people from Game of Thrones because that would be amazing.

I will NOT tell you what happens in the fourth book. NO. I believe in not spoiling things for the internet. BUT there are ninjas, dragons and crazy amazing magical battles that combine both of those things.

There's also a mystical creature that is kind of a god, kind of not a god, and of course, Alanna is the Chosen One who can bring home the prize and make everything okay again.

She's a hero. She's a hero who navigates romantic relationships with PIRATES, THIEVES, NINJAS, and PRINCES. AND THEN, she stays their friend and actually has healthy future relationships with their future spouses because she's an adult who can communicate.

God I hope they make these into movies. I'm a little terrified of what they might do to my childhood hero but I want to see the pretty anyways.

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