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    9 Places Where You Need To Read

    Reading isn't just for school, yo.

    1. That corner stool at the bar. / Via Thistle Hill Tavern

    The bartender needs a regular. The neighborhood needs a character. And you need a drink.

    Like right there? That's my reading spot.

    2. That grassy knoll just over there. / Via Clueless

    It's not just for loadies anymore. Just ask Tai. Bring a kleenex. Allergies are the worst.

    3. The subway. / Via Underground NYPL

    Trust me - that cute person just over yonder is totes checking out your cover art.

    4. The indie bookstore where they know your name.

    Via Funny Face

    Pull up a bookshelf. Cock one hip and lose yourself in the wonders of Tolstoy.

    5. The coffee shop on the corner.

    Why do you think they refuse to get wifi and got that almond milk you asked for? They want you.

    6. Your couch.

    Tell your roommate it's time to get rid of the cable and embrace the luxurious embrace of college hand-me-downs.

    7. The library. / Via Pennington Library

    It's not just for wifi and word processing you know.

    8. The kitchen.

    Via Friends

    What? You have to read those recipes. If you don't, the ground beef is going to end up in the trifle, and Joey Tribbiani doesn't live next door!

    9. The perfectly constructed pillow fort you claim is just a pile of artfully arranged throw pillows. / Via FuckYeahForts

    Don't lie! You built that thing in your sleep so you would have somewhere to curl up with your book this morning, and you KNOW it.

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