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    31 Fantastic Fictional Characters You Want To Spend A Snow Day With

    Because it's cold, and it's snowy, and for reasons, okay?


    I really love buddy comedies too. We could have a movie marathon.

    Khal Drogo

    I mean, he has furs in his tent, right?


    Because he does yoga. He could totally help me relax. Yes.

    Joan Watson

    Girlfriend looks like she can build a mean pillow fort, am I right?

    Ichabod Crane

    He's not really "up" on modern technologies yet so he'd probably be down with handing a book back and forth across the couch and reading aloud* to each other all day, right? RIGHT?

    *He has an accent too.

    The Hulk

    He's got the kind of sense of humor that will probably have me doing spit takes.


    We could go dancing and never leave the house.


    I've heard he's really good at nesting so he's probably really good at building forts too.

    Iron Man

    We stuff.

    Thorin Oakenshield

    That jacket looks super cuddly, and I think I need to borrow it.


    Because...he really knows how to make an entrance...yeah. That.

    Captain America

    I could help him with his pop culture education.


    He looks like he's always watching for something to jump out from around a corner and get him.

    Merry & Pip

    Second breakfast and elevensies, y'all.

    Donna Noble

    Sassy women are fun to hang out with.

    Mal Reynolds

    He really wants to join us on this snowy day. He's just having a hard time getting the words out.

    Lily & Robin

    Something insane is bound to happen.



    Need I say more?


    I bet he'd be really good at hide & seek.

    The Winchester Brothers

    They could get in on the movie marathons!

    Han & Leia

    Hey at least you know they'd bring their own snow suits.

    Marshall & Ted

    Speaking of Star Wars...marathon anyone?


    Guys. He has dinosaurs.

    Jack Harkness

    Just think of the games to be played!

    Bilbo Baggins

    He understands the love of home and hearth but still enjoys a good adventure. Plus, excellent taste in jewelry.

    Tom Hiddleston

    He's a fictional character, right?

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