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    21 Signs You Are Anne Shirley

    Get ready to move into Green Gables.

    1. Sometimes (OK, a lot of the time), you much prefer fiction over reality.

    2. You are a hopeless romantic. Emphasis on the word "hopeless".

    3. You have a quick temper and aren't afraid to stand up for yourself.

    4. Seriously, when are people going to learn not to insult you?

    5. Especially since you sure can hold a grudge.

    6. But you're just as fierce about your friendships.

    7. You appreciate beautiful things...

    8. And have developed your own sense of style.

    9. Although you've had a fashion disaster or two along the way.

    10. Not to mention a general disaster here and there.

    11. But you try not to let anything get you down.

    12. You have big dreams...

    13. And you work hard to achieve them.

    14. You are extremely competitive and have to be the best at everything.

    15. You hate change more than anything else.

    16. You talk a helluva lot. Some say too much.

    17. But you can't help it if you have a way with words!

    18. You like to give places and objects names, because it makes life more fun.

    19. You secretly don't mind a bad boy.

    20. But at the end of the day, you'd rather be in love with your best friend.

    21. Especially if he is Gilbert Blythe.