What It’s Like To Read A Great Book, As Told In GIFs

Bookworms, these 31 GIFs will speak to you.

1. You feel like Belle searching for your next read.

2. After hours of hunting… found it!


3. This is going to be good.

4. Chapter 1. You dive right in.

6. This book is good.

8. The protagonist has you cheering.

9. The love interest makes you swoon.

10. Even the villain deserves a round of applause.

11. The plot is packed with shocking twists and turns.

Never saw it coming!

13. It’s hilarious at all the right moments.

15. And the heartfelt parts make you shed a tear.

Even though you never cry.

16. The story comes together so perfectly that you want to do a happy dance.

…and again…

…and again.

20. You devour the book in record time.

21. If someone messes with you mid-chapter….

Quiet, please.

25. When the book is over, you try to pretend like everything is OK.

26. But you can’t seem to hold it together.

28. Unless you find out there’s a sequel.

29. Or the author has written dozens of other books.

30. *Opens wallet*

31. And then you’re right back to it.

What are you reading next? BookBub helps you find your next favorite book, so that you can relive all 31 of these GIFs over and over again.

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