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The 10 Hottest Tech Gifts This Holiday Season 2013

This is a definitive list of what will be the hottest tech gifts that people will be wanting this year. Heads up, some of these are selling out quickly.

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10. Home Automation

People are making their houses smarter and also automated. We aren't talking to the level of everyone's favorite Disney Channel Original Movie, Smart House, but some of the tech is close. You can have thermostats that save you money, electrical outlets that turn on via motion detectors, and even appliances that you can program from your smart phone.

9. Hearphones

With all the new designer brands backed by musicians and celebrities it can be a tough choice. The good thing is that most of these brands have fantastic sound quality and offer more budget friendly models.

8. Televisions

Televisions are always a popular gift, this year in particular look for people purchasing Smart TV's. These televisions are connected to the internet, so you can watch your Netflix and Hulu without another device.

6. At Home Soda Machines

Not to be outdone by coffee, soda can now be easily made to your liking at home. These machines have been available for a few years, but it seems like this is the year they will become a breakout gift.

5. Fitness Trackers

These are small bands that you wear all day. They approximate your level of activity including calories burnt, steps taken, and how well you sleep. Connect it to your phone via Bluetooth to track your progress.

2. Media Streaming Devices

The idea behind these devices is to send content on tablets, phones, and computers to your television. There are multiple options out there, but the big seller seems to be the Google Chromecast. This is hot because it only costs $35 as opposed to the $99 and up for the competitors.

1. Next Generation Gaming

This is the year of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It doesn't matter what side you take in the console war, each side is currently sold out everywhere. This is the hottest item this year. There is a good rumor going around that stores will have them in stock for Black Friday.

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