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34 Thoughts All Reckless Shopaholics Can Relate To

...because Confessions of a Shopaholic was already taken, soz.

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1. You never quite know whether you prefer shopping in real life, or online.

Because real life means legit trying on things.

Then again, it means leaving the house...

And having to present yourself to the outside world.

2. Trying on clothing in store, to find somebody else's grimy foundation stains, is a life struggle.

You curse every girl who goes shopping with make up on.

And inadvertently add more stains to the garment.

Because you're wearing a shit tonne of make up yourself.


4. ...waiting for parcels can be agonising.

But paying for next day delivery is a waste of money which can be spent... On more things!

Though it's all worth it, as nothing describes the feeling of getting your paws on a parcel.

5. You don't know whether to be relieved that you're saving money, or heartbroken, when you have to send things back.

And you don't even get the money back instantly to console yourself. :(

14. Often social networking will be neglected, to shop online.

15. Even checking emails can result in relapsing into a shopping spree.

As you've probably signed up to every newsletter under the sun, and 10% off with free delivery is to good to refuse a cheeky look.

17. You find PayPal is actually your pal.

18. When you do go on Twitter and Facebook, it's hazardous.

As they're littered left, right and centre with sponsored ads...

That seem to know exactly what your fave clothing companies are!

Hello, Topshop.

19. Even when you have no disposable dollar, window shopping is still a torturous activity you decide to take part in.

Making saving for other things a struggle.

30. And why, oh why, is it only famous people that get sent free clothes?!

Totally not cool - when they actually afford stuff, and you can't!

It's tragic that you're not famous…

32. Your bank balance is more effective than your friends telling you that you shop too much.

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