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This Is The Undisputed Coolest Dad Ever

Meet Kul Kapoor. He is here to steal your heart.

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Meet Kul Kapoor, a retired aerospace engineer and the coolest dad ever. His first name is pronounced "cool." Seriously.

Sarah Kapoor

Here's Kul at a warehouse party in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a neighborhood that Vogue named the 7th coolest in the world.

Where there is cool, there is Kul.

Kul left his 20s behind long ago, but you'd never guess it by how hard this dude parties.

Sarah Kapoor

His daughter, Sarah, is convinced that no other dad could possibly be as cool as hers. So we investigated Kul's brand of cool a bit further.

Here's Kul karate chopping a punching bag while bouncing on an exercise ball.

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He came up with that cool title, "Macho Sensual Workout," on his own. Kul, and his workout, are both true originals.


Here's Kul's video birthday card to his daughter, Sarah, in which he dangles gracefully from gymnastics rings for a few minutes.

Facebook: video.php / Via

Not surprisingly, his daughter loved it.


Can Kul dance to "Who Let The Dogs Out"?

Facebook: video.php / Via

Hell yeah, Kul can dance to "Who Let The Dogs Out"!

So take a journey with Kul.

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Thanks to his daughter, Sarah, for sharing him with us!