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    27 Bands That 2000s Screamo Kids Loved

    Because you whisper-screamed along to most of these bands. Admit it.

    1. Taking Back Sunday


    From: Long Island, New York

    Recommended Listening: Tell All Your Friends (2003)

    Scream Along If: You and your best friend are having a really big fight about a girl.

    2. Thursday


    From: New Brunswick, New Jersey

    Recommended Listening: War All the Time (2003)

    Scream Along If: You hate the man, man, and would rather die than wear a suit to work.

    3. Silverstein


    From: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

    Recommended Listening: Discovering the Waterfront (2005)

    Scream Along If: You were recently broken up with but, because you're Canadian, you can't stop apologizing.

    4. Hawthorne Heights


    From: Dayton, Ohio

    Recommended Listening: The Silence in Black and White (2004)

    Scream Along If: Your heart is in Ohiiiiooooooooo.

    5. Senses Fail


    From: Ridgewood, New Jersey

    Recommended Listening: Let It Enfold You (2004)

    Scream Along If: You have an obsession with fire. (And blood. And murder. And stuff like that.)

    6. Finch

    Drive-Thru / MCA

    From: Temecula, California

    Recommended Listening: What it is to Burn (2002)

    Scream Along If: You want to practice holding a scream for 10 straight seconds.

    7. Glassjaw

    Warner Bros.

    From: Long Island, New York

    Recommended Listening: Worship and Tribute (2002)

    Scream Along If: You want to practice screaming and your vocal runs at the same time.

    8. The Used


    From: Orem, Utah

    Recommended Listening: The Used (2002)

    Scream Along If: You want to practice screaming and throwing up at the same time.

    9. Alexisonfire

    Distort / Equal Vision

    From: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

    Recommended Listening: Watch Out! (2004)

    Screaming Along If: You have a friend with an amazing voice and guitar chops to compliment your screaming.

    10. Emery

    Tooth & Nail

    From: Rock Hill, South Carolina

    Recommended Listening: The Question (2005)

    Scream Along If: If you're OK with only screaming a few times per song.

    11. Underoath

    Solid State

    From: Tampa, Florida

    Recommended Listening: They're Only Chasing Safety (2004)

    Scream Along If: You want to scream about Jesus.

    12. The Fall of Troy

    Equal Vision

    From: Mukilteo, Washington

    Recommended Listening: Doppelgänger (2005)

    Scream Along If: You want to practice screaming and playing difficult guitar riffs at the same time.

    13. Boys Night Out

    Ferret Records

    From: Burlington, Ontario, Canada (Canada, amirite?!)

    Recommended Listening: Make Yourself Sick (2003)

    Scream Along If: You're a little bit screamo and a little bit pop-punk.

    14. Story of the Year


    From: St. Louis, Missouri

    Recommended Listening: Page Avenue (2003)

    Scream Along If: Your heartbreak is so bad you just want to die. Or you metaphorically already died. Something about dying.

    15. Thrice


    From: Irvine, California

    Recommended Listening: The Artist in the Ambulance (2003)

    Scream Along If: You want to scream in odd time signatures.

    16. Atreyu


    From: Orange County, California

    Recommended Listening: The Curse (2004)

    Scream Along If: You thought the only thing holding Bon Jovi back was a lack of screaming.

    17. Chiodos

    Equal Vision

    From: Davison, Michigan

    Recommended Listening: All's Well That Ends Well (2005)

    Scream Along If: You want to practice jumping back and forth from a falsetto to a scream.

    18. From First to Last


    From: Tampa, Florida

    Recommended Listening: Dear Diary, My Teenage Angst Has A Bodycount (2004)

    Scream Along If: That fact that Skrillex used to front this screamo band makes you want to scream screams of joy.

    19. A Day To Remember


    From: Ocala, Florida

    Recommended Listening: For Those Who Have Heart (2007)

    Scream Along If: You would like pop-punk more if it had screaming in it.

    20. Poison the Well


    From: Miami, Florida

    Recommended Listening: You Come Before You (2003)

    Scream Along If: You prefer your screamo to be 80% screaming, 20% singing.

    21. From Autumn to Ashes


    From: Long Island, New York

    Recommended Listening: The Fiction We Live (2003)

    Scream Along If: You have a friend who can do the singing parts while you scream over them.

    22. Saosin

    Death Do Us Part

    From: Newport Beach, California

    Recommended Listening: Translating the Name EP (2003)

    Scream Along If: You can hit the high notes.

    23. Funeral for a Friend

    Atlantic / Mighty Atom / Ferret

    From: Bridgend, Wales

    Recommended Listening: Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation (2003)

    Scream Along If: You just can't wait until the breakdown happens.

    24. The Receiving End of Sirens

    Triple Crown Records

    From: Boston, Massachusetts

    Recommended Listening: Between the Heart and the Synapse (2005)

    Scream Along If: You love screaming almost as much as you love three-part harmonies.

    25. Dance Gavin Dance


    From: Sacramento, California

    Recommended Listening: Downtown Battle Mountain (2007)

    Scream Along If: You also have a thing for math rock.

    26. A Static Lullaby


    From: Chino Hills, California

    Recommended Listening: And Don't Forget to Breathe (2003)

    Scream Along If: You enjoyed screaming along to every other album on the list, and you still have some screaming left in you.

    27. Circa Survive

    Equal Vision

    From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Recommended Listening: Juturna (2005)

    Scream Along If: You like screamo but don't really like screamo. (Also: You just watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and it gave you a bad case of the feels.)

    Obligatory playlist. If you have any questions about emo or pop-punk, please consult those respective lists.


    No, it technically isn't. But before you get your asymmetrical bangs in a bunch, breathe normally and chill. Yeah, the term "screamo" happened way before the 2000s, and the ~proper lineage~ can be more closely traced to 2000s bands like Orchid, Circle Takes the Square, City of Caterpillar, etc. In fact, you and your tight-fitting black scenester t-shirt could argue that the term "screamo" was improperly applied to the bands on the list by Hot Topic employees who didn't know any better, which is a fair assessment.

    Probably the most accurate term for this kind of music is "post-hardcore," but that term is boring and lacks any impact. You would not click on a list with the word "post-hardcore" in it. So, we're just going to go with screamo and if you want to throw a temper tantrum about it, we can't stop you. (And we honestly don't care).

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