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    9 New Rock Records By Women That You Need To Hear

    This year is going to be awesome.

    1. Tacocat – Lost Time

    Seattle pop-punk that you need to play at every slightly out-of-hand house party. Tacocat is also responsible for the new Powerpuff Girls theme song, if you need any more reason to get on board.

    Out April 1 on Hardly Art

    2. Bleached – Welcome the Worms

    A punk album about heartbreak and soaking up sun rays, Welcome the Worms might be the ultimate soundtrack for feeling low and getting high in beautiful Los Angeles. Who needs a significant other when you have this album to spend your summer with?

    Out April 1 on Dead Oceans

    3. Sunflower Bean – Human Ceremony

    This Brooklyn trio uses singer/bassist Julia Cummings' angelic voice to lure listeners in before kicking their asses with a deluge of guitar sound. Don't sleep on their live show if they come to your town this year.

    Out now on Fat Possum

    4. TEEN – Love Yes

    If you can't get enough 80s-inspired synth-pop weirdness, you won't be able to get enough of TEEN. Comprising three Canadian-born sisters (with one of their friends on bass), TEEN's Love Yes is a dance record that celebrates modern womanhood in a way that's both deeply introspective and extremely fun.

    Out now on Carpark Records

    5. Hinds – Leave Me Alone

    Catchy-as-hell garage rock from Madrid that's as cute as it is bitingly cynical. The perfect soundtrack to staying up way past your bedtime.

    Out now on Mom + Pop Music

    6. Lake Street Dive – Side Pony

    If you're on the prowl for a new favorite singer, here's Lake Street Dive's Rachael Price for your consideration. Throughout an album that exists somewhere at the intersections of Motown soul, vintage R&B and jazz, Price's vocals take center stage, and she absolutely owns the spotlight.

    Out now on Nonesuch Records

    7. The Joy Formidable – Hitch

    The Joy Formidable makes an awful lot of noise for a trio. And if the dicks and butts-laden official music video for the Welsh band's new single "The Last Thing on My Mind" is any indication, 2016 will be their loudest year yet.

    Out March 25 on Atlantic

    8. Pity Sex – White Hot Moon

    If you love emo and shoegaze in equal measure, Pity Sex's dreamy sound and earnest lyrics might be the perfect combination for crying into your pillow after a bad breakup. Guitarist/singer Britty Drake is 2016's answer to (My Bloody Valentine's) Bilinda Butcher.

    Out April 29 on Run for Cover Records

    9. Crying – Title TK

    Have you ever wondered what a pop-punk album would sound like with sweeping guitar lines and OH YEAH a freakin' Game Boy used as a guitar pedal? New York's Crying evidently thought the same thing, because they made it happen with their 2013 album Get Olde. All we know so far about the new album is that it's coming later this year, so get ready.