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27 Parents' Reactions To "Netflix And Chill"

Parents ruin everything.

1. This mom who doesn't understand why you'd be so mean about it.

My mom just asked me to "Netflix and chill" 😩😩

2. This increasingly concerned father.

Dad: hey lea can I ask you a question? Me: yeah Dad: has a boy ever asked you to "Netflix and chill?" .........

3. This dad who didn't even have time to use his own phone to get his point across.

this was my dad from my moms phone lol, Netflix and chill anyone?

4. This mom who knows how to throw down the gauntlet.

my mom just walked in the living room and announced that she and my step dad are going to "netflix and chill" rip me

5. This guy who made a classic dad joke and a violent threat at the same time.

*Dad from downstairs* Kayli if anyone asks you to netflix and chill, I'll netflix and kill them

6. This mom who's sending her son into a panic spiral.

This is my mom. Someone please stop her. Read the hashtag. She said #netflixandchill 😭😩

7. This mom who's asking nicely.

when your mom knows what netflix and chill really means😳

8. This dad who's busy testing out the new phrase he learned.

my dad just looked me straight in the eye and goes "Netflix and chill"

9. This genuinely curious father.

Dad: "what's Netflix & chill mean and why don't you invite your friends over for it sometime?"

10. This dad who really should be told sooner rather than later.

Need to explain to my dad what "Netflix and chill" means 😂😂😭

11. This mom who has some wisdom to dispense.

Dating advice from my mom: Don't just Netflix and chill😂😂 #thanksmom

12. This dad who waited for just the right moment.

*moms doing dishes* dad: wanna Netflix and chill after you're done

13. This mom who can feel it in the air.

When your mom tells her whole class it's a "Netflix and chill type of day"...

14. This dad who couldn't wait to share.

My dad just explained what 'netflix and chill' meant to my mom I don't know what is happening

15. This super-smooth dad.

cashier at Safeway: have you seen the movie yet? dad: how bout I come over and we will watch it together ya know Netflix n chill

16. This mom who is trying to teach the value of patience.

me- "can i have tyler over for netflix and chill" mom- "not right now" 😂

17. This dad who definitely enjoys making his daughter sick.

My dad just told me he wants to find a woman to "Netflix and chill" with and I might throw up

18. Jess's mom, who definitely agrees.

Jess: "mom I just want to Netflix and chill" Jess's mom: "oh yeah, I think you should"

19. This mom who feels a storm coming on.

My mom just shared this but she has no clue what "Netflix and chill" is😂😂

20. This dad who's committed to making it work.

my dad might be getting a new job that makes him travel a lot and he told my mom that they'll have to Netflix and chill in different cities

21. This dad who has his priorities straight.

"Im done for the day. I just want to Netflix and chill" -dad

22. This mom who's doing it for the lulz.

My mom found out what Netflix and chill meant

23. This dad who is wasting no time.

Told my dad what Netflix and chill meant these days... He goes to mom and says lets Netflix and chill😅

24. This mom who has been ordering the wrong thing.


25. This mom who's worried about getting tricked.

my mom just called to tell me she read a Facebook post about "guys doing the Netflix and chill" and not to fall for it. 🙈🙈🙈

26. This mom who's definitely in favor of it.

When your mom finds out what "Netflix and Chill" means 💀💀💀😂

27. And finally, this dad who's taking every precaution necessary.

my dad just cancelled my Netflix because he didn't want me to Netflix and chill at uni ffs