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21 Secrets American Eagle Employees Will Never Tell You

Three words: Fitting room poop.

1. Cashiers hate asking you to sign up for the store credit card as much as you hate being asked.

Bye American Eagle Credit Card, it Was a Pleasure 😢! I still owe you, But you're FINITO! 2 DOWN, 4 More to go✌️✌️

At those interest rates, nobody wins.

2. Doing this to the fitting rooms will ruin employees' days and make them immediately hate you.

Welcome to American Eagle where half the merchandise is in one fitting room @AEOproblems

There is a special place in hell reserved for people who do this.

3. Refolding a table could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

4. Yes, employees make fun of those silly in-store videos as much as you do.

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At least you don't have to see the same one play over and over again 40 times during an eight-hour shift.

5. Everyone has a fitting room horror story. Usually involving poop.

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Seriously, people shit in the fitting rooms. If this is you, think of the poor person you're making clean it up. They don't get paid enough to do that.

6. And everyone's accidentally walked in on someone half-naked.

7. Cashiers are told to try to get 100% of customers to scan an AE Rewards Card during their purchase. This is why they ask you about them.

I have an American Eagle rewards card and I don't even shop there.

It doesn't cost anything but the time it takes to get you into the system.

8. The worst part of the in-store track lighting? Changing a lightbulb when it burns out.

9. Yes, employees can tell when you're trying to return worn clothing, and frankly they don't care.

10. Employees don't actually have to wear American Eagle stuff, but they generally do because they get clothes at a 40% discount.

11. But employees generally avoid wearing stuff with Eagles plastered all over it.

12. If you're waiting for a fitting room, employees actually hear a dinging sound in their headsets to alert them.

@diana_carinaaa got locked out the fitting room at American Eagle 😂😂💕

Just stand near the front of the fitting rooms. If someone isn't there right away, it's because they're busy helping someone else. Or you were being annoying and they're going to make you wait.

13. Pretty much everyone has to work a long shift on Black Friday. It's terrible.

14. Yes, the music is very loud. But employees are happy to turn it down if you just ask!

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They probably find it just as annoying as you do.

15. Because after store closing is when the REAL DANCE PARTY BEGINS!

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Our music. Turned up to 11. Oh yeah.

16. And overnight floor sets would be nothing without a few spontaneous dance breaks.

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17. Because after eight long, frustrating hours of rearranging the store, you really just need to cool off any way you can.

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Dear dude in this video, I'm sorry if I just blew up your spot.

18. Oh, and Abercrombie? AE employees make fun of you because your store smells bad and your employees are generally stuck-up.

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Also, why is it so dark in your store? What are you trying to hide?

19. And Aeropostale, can you maybe stop copying AE for once? Get your own thing, maybe?

20. But if you want to fight about it, that's cool. AE employees have each other's backs.

21. Because the AE employees tend to stick together forever.

Oh, American Eagle. Photo booth at the holiday store meeting. @RyanWood1982 @FuriousGeorge76 @romperisrompin 😘🎄

Shout-out to stores 799 and 2068!