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The 17 Ups And Downs Of The Student Loan Lifecycle

College is awesome... until you have to pay back your student loans. Get ready for the ugh.

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Greek life, study sessions, traveling abroad, and kegs stands with the dean. Yes, all of those fond memories of college are immediately crushed to a pulp once you add student loans into the mix. If you don't plan accordingly, you may just find yourself on the fast track to an all expense paid trip to delinquency-ville. Check out the 17 ups and downs of the student loan lifecycle:

Wait! Before you toss that letter from Sallie Mae into the junk drawer abyss... there is a tool that can avenge you! No matter what kind of loans you have – public or private – how much you have or how many lenders,'s FREE (yes, free) student loan management tool can help you keep track of your debt in one easy dashboard. Put that burrito down and start taking charge of your student loans.

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