You Should Marry Me Because…

Hopefully you already said Yes, and I didn’t have to show you this to convince you. So here’s 23 reasons, just in case!

1. 1. because you’re smart, so you should lock me down when you have the chance

2. 2. because you’re hilarious, and i give you plenty of material to use

3. 3. because you’re pretty, and I want to lock you down

4. 4. because I’m the only one who will be comfortable to be around someone so smart, hilarious and pretty for the rest of your life

5. 5. because I’m content to sit around and do nothing with you

6. 6. because I gave you a love speech

7. 7. because I also gave you a love list on Buzzfeed

8. 8. because I’ve been playing great golf since I decided to buy the ring, so that must mean something

9. 9. because you can’t make decisions, so I’m telling you to say yes

10. 10. because we have love ESP

11. 11. because it won’t seem as lonely at table 15

12. 12. because there are still plenty of places we want to go, and the honeymoon will knock at least one out

13. 13. because you have a car


14. 14. because you have a good job and people love teachers

15. 15. because it’s too late for you to find someone new

16. 16. because I always make you look tan

17. 17. because I’ll still love you when you have braces

18. 18. because we met at Fenwicks, which is pretty darn special

19. 19. because the way we started dating is even more special

20. 20. because your finger won’t be naked anymore

21. 21. because we have sweet sweet dance moves

22. 22. because it’s all coming back to me now

23. 23. because I’m literally the most annoying person you’ve ever met in your life (and you love me!)

24. So, hopefully this worked, otherwise…

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