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Hi Honey. It's Your Mom. Here Are 5 Girls You Should Date In 2015.

I never liked that Shannon. Why don't you ask one of these nice girls out?

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My Friend Lisa's Daughter

Carrie is such a sweetheart! She's a little on the heavy side but she has such a sweet smile and a good managing job at the Lane Bryant across from SubWay.

The Girl With The Glasses At The Church You Stopped Going To

I don't know her name but I've never seen her with a guy at church. When are you going to start going again? There's a really neat little group of people ages 22-45 that meet every Friday night. It could be a lot of fun!

The Receptionist From My Office

I think you'd really like Becky. She's so funny! She's always quoting stuff from Big Bang Theory. You'd also be a really good dad to her son Kayden.

The Nice Mixed Race Girl From Wal*Mart

I'm not racist, I just wanted to be more specific since there are so many girls that work there.

This Really Cute Girl I Talked To At The Gas Station

She had such an adorable sweater with kittens on it. I couldn't help but talk to her! I mentioned I had a son around her age. She's going to come over Friday night for dinner. Please come over. Why aren't you answering our texts? Your father and I are worried.

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