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Heartbreaking! You Won't Believe The Last Text He Sent Before Getting Into A Fatal Accident

Don't text and drive. It can always wait.

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Hey Boyfriend Ran Off the Road While Texting her. Now She's Ready To Share Her Story.

It was just like any other day. Abbie, 23, was at home waiting for her boyfriend to get off work and come pick her up. It was date night. "We were going to do something fancy. Not Oliven Garden fancy, since pay day was a few days away, but something nice - maybe the Ruby Tuesday's in the mall or Applebee's that isn't near the pet store," she remembers. "He was running a little late, so I sent him a text. I was getting hungry and I was ready to leave the apartment. The upstairs neighbors were playing that game where they were dropping weights off the floor and the guy in other room had to try to guess how many pounds it was by the sound it was making."

What He Wrote Was The Last Message She Ever Got Back From Him

"Sometimes I think, is this my fault? What if I hadn't sent him that message? Texting and driving is something we all do without really thinking about. He was 10 minutes from home. He could have waited. It's wasn't worth it" she says. "It's a shame, too. I bought him one of those really nice backrests for his car seat. I was going to give it to him to soften the blow when I broke up with him."

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