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Universal Pictures New Nightmare.... ANOTHER Movie Ruined by M Night Shyamalan Movie

:30 - Wow this looks like an interesting movie 1:05 - This will be fun 1:25 - This movie is GONNA be CRAZY!!! 1:52 - YES!!!! a true thiller!!!! 2:03 - Good job Universal Pictures!!! 2:07 - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Not HIM, ANYONE BUT HIM 2:08-2:33 - Great this movie is ruined, wonder what the lame twist will be this time... Someone is a super hero, someone is dead all long, its really a village in present time, water kills the aliens, someones a guardian, and they walk into the field and nothing happens..... Oh did i ruin his movies. Oh well, now you dont have to watch them all.

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