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Blues Gone Wild ! Gerry Joe Weise !

New album Blues Gone Wild by ace Australian bluesman Gerry Joe Weise.

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Blues Gone Wild ! Gerry Joe Weise !

Blues Breaking Records / Via

New album Blues Gone Wild from ace Australian guitarist, Gerry Joe Weise. With 12 tracks hot from the press, there is more than one could bargain for with outstanding guitar riffs, inventive improvisation and outrageous rocking rhythms. A real opus with a variety of styles all blended into Weise's own blues formula. Tonic at the listening experience, with an overwhelming number of new ideas added to the blues spectrum. On the horizon there is the glimmer of hope of what to see next, in next century's blues, a far cry from today's boring repetition of "playing-it-safe" and let's "make-it-radio-friendly". Weise is someone with a promising future in the music business, as he has set up his own Australian production company, and is currently working in the film industry; along side international touring, taking his music to the far corners across the globe. It is interesting to witness the depth in the recent tracks such as "Surfing Coffs Harbour" and "Song for Sylvie", using new guitar techniques, that only he has the secret. What he calls "glissando overtones", sounds less like a guitar and more like a flute or violin, due to the uncanny use of sliding harmonics on the guitar strings. Then there is his choice of guitar pedal effects, favoring "compressors" and "ring modulators", Weise is definitely at the forefront of a brave new world for the guitar. Other songs in excellence include "Crazy Crocodile", "Aussie Boogie" and "Inside Looking Out", with guitar-playing from the guts and heart, they will swoon you into a joyful trance. Among the advertised twenty-eight musicians we find Juma Sultan on congas and percussion from Jimi Hendrix fame. Let it be known the recordings were achieved on the three continents, with honorable production and high-fidelity sound, which goes to credit to the Chicago label, Blues Breaking Records. Available on iTunes and Amazon etc...

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