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Updated on Aug 13, 2020. Posted on Aug 3, 2020

Tell Us Your "Avatar" Opinions And We'll Tell You Exactly Where You'd Live In The Show's Universe

Are you more of a Ba sing se type or Ember Island? Let's find out!

Let's start with a fun one. You can slap one of these people. Who will it be?
  • A man is balding, but has long hair in the back of his head. He wears a silk robe with fur on the neckline and sleeves.
  • A man with long sideburns and a bun in his hair looks stoic
    Admiral Zhao
  • A man with a long beard and a curling roller in his hair is pointing
    Admiral Bong
  • Four tall men stand behind a short, bald man who has three teeth. The short man is pointing
    Old man, who happened to snitch at Haru  
Which of these was the best fight scene?
  • A blast of fire and ice flies through the sky
    The Last Agni Kai
  • A shirtless, muscular man with long hair is about to punch a short, bald, shirtless man
    Aang Vs. Ozai
  • A large creature is holding three swords and is about to attack a small creature with large ears
    Appa Vs. Momo
  • A tall creature made of blue lava is about to knock down a large stone building
    The Siege Of The North
What's your favorite Avatar bending style?
Which nation has the best style?
Which ship is your favorite?
  • A girl with a long ponytail and a puffy shirt stands next to another person with a bun in their hair
    Ty Lee and Azula
    Nickelodeon via
  • A boy with an arrow on his head kisses a girl with a half-up, half-down ponytail
    Katara and Aang
  • A woman in a long dress with long hair embraces a boy with short hair who is wearing a t shirt and pants
    Katara and Zuko
  • A boy with shaved head except for a short ponytail on top kisses a woman with white face makeup and a headband
    Suki and Sokka
Finally, who's your favorite non-bender?
  • A man with a big smile and bun wears a thick robe with fur around the neck
  • A woman with a large headband and tassels down the side of her face is staring sternly
  • A woman with a puffy ponytail and long bangs
  • A woman wearing a bikini sitting on a towel
    Ty Lee

Hope you enjoyed the quiz:) It's my first.

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