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Cartoon Versions of Smartphones

More and more kids are using smartphones these days. And some say that it's not a good thing. But maybe they just learned the habit from their favorite cartoon characters, some who have been getting bailed out with smartphones or smartphone-like tech since before smartphones even existed.

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  • 1. Ash's Pokedex from 'Pokemon'

    Not only does it identify wild beasts, but it also lets you call the professor wherever you are.

  • 2. Synergy from 'Jem'

    It's one operator you can dial who can turn you into a pop star without anyone discovering who your real identity is.

  • 3. Sailor Mercury's Supercomputer from 'Sailor Moon'

    Probably the most useless device on the anime soap, but then again, with so many smart phones out there, some are bound to be duds.

  • 4. Penny's Computer Book from 'Inspector Gadget'

    The classic.

  • 5. Leela's Armband from 'Futurama'

    The new classic.

  • 6. Link's Flute from 'The Legend of Zelda'

    Not exactly a cartoon, but it's still cool. Also, playing a flute to have a tornado whisk you to your destination? Beats having to call and then wait for a cab.

  • 7. Belle's Magic Mirror from 'Beauty & the Beast'

    It's kind of like a Motorola RAZR; the slightest movement could break it.