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8 Cats With Comical Faces (Who Also Need New Homes)

We took some pen and paper to our feline friends here at Blue Cross Cambridge, and here's what happened...

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2. Miss Kitty

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Miss Kitty is a tiny three-year-old female Persian cat with tonnes of character. Miss Kitty would love a new owner who can keep her fur nicely groomed and she'd much prefer to have all the attention to herself!

3. Misty

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Misty is 12-years-old and looking for a new home. Sadly her owners moved and were unable to take her with them. She is a sweet-natured cat with a fantastic personality. Misty really enjoys being around people and is an inquisitive girl who loves having fun.

4. Pippi

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Do you think a 'tache suits Pippi? Pippi is 11-years-old and is looking for a quieter new home. He's a really friendly cat and, once settled, will make a loving companion with lots to offer his new owners. We've heard he can even open doors!

6. Sooty

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Sooty is a lovely 10-year-old female cat who came into the centre after her owner passed away. She would love a quiet home where she can curl up with her new human friend all evening. Sooty loves a lot of fuss!

Could you give one of these beauties a home? Please contact the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Cambridge on 0300 777 1470.