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Why You Should ALWAYS Facebook Stalk Your Date

So much to know, such little time.

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So, you’ve met someone new. And everything seems to be going so well... too well.

But the internet is a wonderful thing with which to allay your fears.

You could check out their exes.

Which you know isn’t necessarily a wise idea… what if they're cooler than you?

But you’re gonna do it anyway.

Whether you regret it…

You can check out their pad without leaving the house.

You’re hoping for this…

You’re prepared for this…

Check out their friends…

Y’know, for your single friends.

So you can double date.

Cos that could never go wrong.

See what your kids might look like.

Fingers crossed for this…

Rather than this…

Time to assess their ‘likes’.

And then you can figure out if you can live with that.

Then maybe check out their style.

Could they scrub up for a wedding?

And dress down for the pub?

Finally, you’re all done.

And some may judge what you just did.

But others will be give full throated support to your plight.

Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse is published now and available from your local bookshop or online.

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