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    Why You Need To Follow Elizabeth Gilbert Today

    She will brighten your day. Promise.

    Let us introduce you to Elizabeth Gilbert.

    Julia Roberts played her in the movie of Eat Pray Love

    An article about her bar-tending experience was the basis for the movie Coyote Ugly

    As well as writing her kick-ass fiction and non-fiction, here’s why you should follow her on social media:

    She understands how important a good cat picture is. / Via

    She looks out for heartbroken strangers in need of advice.

    If you’re recently single, or just a human being, read this blog post.

    Her TED talk on creativity should be shown to every artist struggling with their creative genius.


    When not giving inspirational TED talks, she enjoys a bit of football punditry on Twitter.

    She reacts in the same ridiculously star-struck way that you would if you found out Dolly Parton was reading your book.

    She knows that life is tough…

    … but she’s on your side.

    She also celebrates the power of nerds.

    But most of all, she’ll make you smile.

    So what are you waiting for, badass unicorns?

    Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and her blog for daily happiness.