9 Extraordinarily Awesome Places To Stay

Explore the word in a silly way.

1. Wallett’s Court Tipis, UK

Glamp (glam camp) your weekend away in these tipis with proper beds, electric lighting and a fire pit!

Did you hear that? A FIRE PIT.

If ‘fetch’ can happen anywhere, it should be in a tipi!

2. Hotel Parchi de Garda, Italy

Why have a regular, boring old hotel room when you can have an animatronic 4D experience and have a face in the wall or hear the roar of lions?

3. Jules Undersea Lodge, USA

Oh hai, what this place? Just an UNDERWATER HOTEL YOU HAVE TO SCUBA DIVE INTO.

4. Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Stay in the world’s deepest bedroom 155ft underground in this mine. Phones don’t work so you get a radio to talk to people above ground.

5. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Sleep in the trees with the owls and leave your cares, and the ground, behind.

Not for those with a fear of heights.

6. Jumbo Stay, Sweden

That’s right, sleep in a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. If you’re lucky you can even sleep in the cockpit!

Jazz quartet optional.

7. The Ice Hotel, Sweden

Brrrrrilliant hotel made of ice for cool customers. It has to be rebuilt every year when it melts.

8. Godiva Chocolate Suite, USA

Chocolate. Chocolate as far as the eye can see… impractical but so delicious.

9. The Sandcastle Hotel, England

It had no roof and was swiftly taken by the waves, but what the heck, who hasn’t wanted to live in a sandcastle for an hour or two?

We all do, Liz. We all do.

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