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9 Badass Librarians

For better or worse, they’re doing it for the books.

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1. Eleanor Twitty, Ghostbusters

Library: New York Public Library

Bio: The longest-serving librarian on the list, Twitty is in fact dead and really angry. After going missing in the book stacks many years before, she now only appears to terrify current serving librarians and would-be ghostbusters. She would totally shush you.

Library: Cairo Museum of Antiquities

Bio: Librarian and proud, she’s got pluck, a taste for adventure and her book reading can get you into trouble as quickly as it gets you out of it.

She's not to be left unsupervised in the book stacks though.

3. Rupert Giles, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Library: Sunnydale High School Library

Bio: Buffy’s Watcher and surrogate father, Giles is an English gent who helps mould Buffy into the pun-slinging, vamp-dusting, gal-about-town we all love.

He’s also just a weeny bit dangerous.

4. Emily, The Station Agent

Library: New Foundland Library

Bio: Not so much a badass, Emily is the local librarian with a complicated life and horrible boyfriend. But she makes the list because she manages to brighten up the life of wannabe-recluse Fin. First by helping him join the library and second by showing him that people aren’t so bad after all.

5. Dr. Abigail Chase, National Treasure

Library: The National Archives

Bio: Strictly she’s a historical documents expert in charge of the Declaration of Independence but we’re letting her in on account of her complete love and respect of said document and all other documents.

She also joins in on a hair-brained adventure, risking life and limb and getting dropped from a great height to save those documents.

6. Fred Burkle, Angel

Library: Stewart Brunell Public Library

Bio: Terribly clever, Fred unfortunately got sucked into a dimensional portal after reciting a demonic text while working as a librarian during her studies at UCLA. Luckily, Angel and co. were on hand to bring her back to LA after 6 years and she started fighting demons with an ex-vampire, ex-watcher, ex-prom queen and ex-streetfighter.

Which teaches us there’s always time for a career change.

7. Tammy Swanson, Parks and Recreation

Library: Pawnee Library

Bio: Evil she may be, and the biggest badass on this list, but gosh darnit, she’s devoted (to ruining ex-husband Ron’s life) and she does it with style.

Don’t get on the wrong side of her though, she will not only beat you, books be damned, but she has no problem using weapons.

8. Mary, Party Girl

Library: New York Public Library

Bio: After a felonious mishap Mary takes on the role of librarian to prove she can be responsible. She learns to respect the Dewey Decimal system (and God help you if you mess with the system), has sex in the Romantic Languages section and proves librarians know how to party.

Also, no one has ever looked cooler putting a book back.

9. Andy Dufresne, The Shawshank Redemption

Library: Shawshank State Penitentiary Library

Bio: Andy could have crumbled in prison, but instead he puts his financial know-how to good use and badgers the state government to make the best prison library ever, helping his friends get through serving their time and learning a little on the way.

Of course, there’s much more to Andy’s story than the library but we’re all about the books today.