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    Ten Reasons To Hire A Postpartum Doula

    A postpartum doula will come into your home and support your family's transition into parenthood. As a doula I want to help make it as smooth as possible. Here is how:

    1. I teach baby care and strategic diaper changing techniques... / Via

    Like how to avoid poop and pee on your clothes, face, and walls.

    (and what colors are normal because yes, you'll probably wonder:)

    2. I take care of Mom while she heals from birth.

    Because a baby just came out of your vagina or belly. Think about that. Life!

    I know how to pamper you and your healing body.

    3. I'll cook your family food. Nourishing comfort food.

    I'll serve it to you WARM and I'll put leftovers in your fridge.

    I'll remind you to eat. (and can hold the baby while you do so)

    4. Do you remember what it's like to sleep?

    I'll take care of the baby (and any siblings) while you sleep. Deep sleep.

    You'll love everything a little bit more when you wake up. I promise. Feel free to wake up by jumping in the shower. An uninterrupted glorious shower!

    5. I'll clean and fold your laundry.

    It'll be like a fairy came through and left you piles of clean, folded clothes.

    These beautiful piles may make you cry happy tears. Don't be alarmed.

    6. I'll help you breastfeed. (and/or bottle feed)

    It's not always as easy as it looks. I'll cheer you on, wipe your tears, and give you pointers. I won't judge your decisions and I'll hold space for emotions.

    7. I am here to listen.

    I support both parents and am available to listen and give resources as needed.

    I am non judgmental and leave my baggage at the door.

    8. I won't take over. I won't judge.

    I want to make life a little easier while also respecting your space and roles as parents.

    I also know families are diverse with traditions and orientation. I respect that.

    9. I love babies! I love twins!

    If you are having more than one baby I can help you get a good system in place.

    10. Lastly, I'll work myself out of my job.

    I want you to succeed as a family. I believe in you. Therefore, one day when you are ready, I will have to leave you. And you better send me picture updates so I can cry loving tears.

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