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    Ten Reasons To Hire A Postpartum Doula

    A postpartum doula will come into your home and support your family's transition into parenthood. As a doula I want to help make it as smooth as possible. Here is how:

    1. I teach baby care and strategic diaper changing techniques...

    2. I take care of Mom while she heals from birth.

    3. I'll cook your family food. Nourishing comfort food.

    4. Do you remember what it's like to sleep?

    5. I'll clean and fold your laundry.

    6. I'll help you breastfeed. (and/or bottle feed)

    7. I am here to listen.

    8. I won't take over. I won't judge.

    9. I love babies! I love twins!

    10. Lastly, I'll work myself out of my job.