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    13 Perfect Gifts For Your Metrosexual Boyfriend

    Metrosexual: A young, urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste.

    1. Hair Gel

    D'MARGE / Via

    While he may have 99 problems, perfectly quaffed hair isn't one of them.

    2. A Cashmere Sweater

    Brooks Brothers / Via$bbthumbnails2$

    He values the classic look and the velvety softness (and knows you'll appreciate it too).

    3. A Shaving Set

    Harry's / Via

    His skin is perfectly smooth (thanks to frequent facials) and a pristine blade.

    4. A "Wine Of The Month Club" Membership

    PR Web / Via

    He's a wine connoisseur, obviously.

    5. A Beanie

    Ebay / Via

    This "I'm such a bad ass without even trying" accessory is a go-to in his closet.

    6. Engraved Stationary

    Nest Dallas / Via

    He knows the importance of handwritten thank you letters to his mother, and to you of course.

    7. A Spa Day

    Men Science / Via

    Like you, he knows that being pampered isn't luxury- it's necessity.

    8. A Starbucks Gift Card

    Secret Menus / Via

    You and caffeine are all he needs.

    9. The J. Crew Nautical Collection

    J. Crew / Via$pdp_fs418$

    You know anything you could ever purchase for him at J. Crew would be the perfect thing, and their new ceramics collection is no exception.

    10. A Subscription To GQ

    GQ / Via

    Hey girl, your metro boyfriend would love to read about fashion and lifestyle tips.

    11. Diptyque Candles

    Diptyque Paris / Via

    He enjoys candles around the home as much as you, AND knows these are the trendiest on the market.

    12. Tortoise Shell Eyewear

    Warby Parker / Via

    Eye glasses are having a moment and so is he.

    13. A Coffee Table Book

    Ralph Lauren / Via

    With beautiful pictures and a classic story, this book is a gift you'll both enjoy.

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