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    Posted on Nov 19, 2014

    10 Reasons Asheville, NC Is The Brooklyn Of The South

    Hipsters, REJOICE.

    1. Trendy Food

    Season With Spice / Via

    Asheville and Brooklyn are both foodie havens. From vegan to paleo, food trucks to "five stars" name it- they have it. Not to mention a Whole Foods on every corner.

    2. Expensive Rent

    Urban Edge NY / Via

    Median rent in the city center of Asheville is $1,500 per month, with Brooklyn around $2,500.

    3. Fitness Freaks

    ALLEN YING / Via

    Ashevillians and Brooklynites LOVE to move their bodies. Fortunately, both cities boast donation based studios for the *broke* inhabitants. Asheville Community Yoga and Yoga To The People are winners for each.

    4. Street Festivals

    Blue Ridge Impressions / Via

    Tourists (and residents) flock to Asheville and Brooklyn for a plethora of outdoor festivals every year.

    5. BEARDS

    Brooklyn Mag / Via

    6. Famous Architecture

    Wine and History / Via

    The South has Biltmore, the North has The Brooklyn Bridge.

    7. Music

    Complex / Via

    Both cities are filled with cool, under-the-radar venues that can't be replicated.

    8. Alternative Lifestyles


    Drive around Asheville and you'll find Keep Asheville Weird slogans plastered on cars (ahem, hybrids). Brooklyn's alternative scene is a close second.

    9. Art

    Our State / Via

    Asheville's famed River Arts District is a compilation of galleries and working studios (not to mention popular restaurants and a brewery). Of course, Brooklyn is filled with the same.

    10. Beer. Beer...Beer.


    These two cities live for their craft beers. Brooklyn Brewery underwent expansion in 2011 to quintuple its capacity. And Asheville? It's more fondly known as "Beer City USA."

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