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Hey Starbucks! How About Screwing Up These Drinks?

Why stop at the flat white? How about taking a crack at these other fabulous coffee drinks from around the world? We have no doubt you'll be able to mess them up just as well!

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2. Cafe Sua Da (Thai iced coffee)


The majority of your customers won't be able to pronounce you might want to call it Thai coffee. Or just rename it; we're sure you can think up something uniquely Starbuck-ian to call it. And it's iced! None of that pesky microfoaming that has your flat white all messed up!

3. Bicerin (Italian Coffee)


Ironically, the Bicerin is a drink you could actually pull off! Sweet almost to the point of'll fit right in! Although...the "almost whipped" cream might present a challenge. What the heck...just use whipped cream. It's not like authenticity is important, anyway!

6. Affogato


It's about time you added true dessert coffees to your menu, Starbucks. And the affogato is the perfect starting point for your new line of dessert beverages. And because it has a great name, you can charge twice as much for it!

8. Cambodian Coffee


For real, though, Starbucks. You can make this drink. And you can even make it in your ridiculous sizes. And since your to-go cups aren't see through, it won't even matter that you didn't make the pretty layers like your supposed to!

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