9 Games That Should ALWAYS Be In Giant Form

Because usually, bigger is better.

1. Jenga

So simple to do, but seriously epic results! Imagine if this set were even bigger!!!!

2. Twister

Now when you ask to play Twister, people might think you actually just enjoy the game…

3. Cards

Any card game can turn into a group event with cards this size!

4. Candyland

Have you ever seen anything so awesome? It gets even better…this board is part of a resort dedicated to awesomeness like this. I’m jealous.

5. Pick Up Sticks

Because they are one of the only times that trying to poke someone’s eye out is a socially-acceptable option.

6. Mouse Trap

No words necessary.

7. Connect Four

Now you can lose this children’s game on an even bigger scale!

8. Checkers and Chess

This set isn’t as elaborate as some others may be…but it’s one I can actually make!!!!

9. Human chess

Instead of just giant chess…this group took it to the next level with HUMAN chess.

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