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    10 Versions Of Eggs Benedict That Just Might Make You Swoon

    No eggs beat Eggs Benedict...but not all versions are the same. And there are some pretty amazing ways to make your benedicts even better!!!

    1. Smoked Salmon


    This version is a much lighter start to your day than a traditional eggs benedict, and the combination of avocado and smoked salmon is terrific. Get more info at Damn Delicious.

    2. Irish Eggs


    This version has a few more steps than most eggs benedict, unless you already have leftover corned beef and cabbage. Is that a thing people generally have lying around their kitchen? I don't really think so...but this does sound good! Get the full recipe from Fabtastic Eats.

    3. Tex Mex


    There are a number of Tex Mex Eggs Benedict versions out there...but NellieBellie definitely has the best. Cornbread...pico de gallo, and specialty hollandaise!!!

    4. Roma Eggs


    Everything about this version sounds fantastic: pesto, ciabatta, prosciutto, parmesan...yum! The only thing it's missing; hollandaise. Can't have eggs benedict without hollandaise.

    5. Eggs Royale


    This eggs benedict version, from The Pretty Blog, switches out the traditional english muffin for a buttery croissant...and a few other little extras.

    6. Caprese


    The Curvy Carrot has an excellent vegetarian version!!!

    7. Burgers

    Cooking For Keeps has an interesting spin on eggs benedict; the burger. Not just a burger with a fried egg...a complete eggs benedict with the addition of a second slice of english muffin. Yum!

    8. Portobello


    Skip the english muffin and ham altogether and put your egg and hollandaise right on top of a giant portobello mushroom!

    9. Sriracha and Pork


    Pineapple and Coconut has a wonderfully Hawaiian take on this dish! The ham is substituted for Kalua pork, and the hollandaise has Sriracha to give it a little heat.

    10. Crab Cakes


    Crab Cake Eggs Benedict just has to be fabulous! Rock Recipes puts theirs on something called a touton (which must be a Canadian thing)...but other delicious breads should work as well.

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