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10 Party Themes That Are Bound To Be A Success

From Dr. Seuss to 50 Shades of Gray...these themes are bound to win over your guests!

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3. Alice in Wonderland

If you already have a certain amount of vintage items in your home...or easy access to more, this is a great theme for you. No real coordination is necessary...this party is all about layering vintage items and having tea!

4. Beer Tasting

This theme is a great option for any sports-related party. By having a tasting party, you can also limit the overall alcohol intake, so people end up having a couple beers instead of several. Or not...

7. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is always sure to be a winner, and the options for including the theme in your party are pretty much endless. Your food, decor, activities, EVERYTHING can be easily taken care of without too much thought.

10. Hot Dog Tasting

A hot dog tasting is a great option for younger children. Kids love hot dogs, and if you theme the party around the chance to try whatever types of hot dogs they want, you'll see their eyes get really big with excitement. They might not venture far off the ketchup route, but they'll be exited about the option!

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