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    • blmaxcey

      I’malittle upset at all the comments in calling people fat or skinny. I’m sorry who gave you the right to judge people? As for you that say exercise and diet are the key, sure it is but you still will not get rid of it all. EVERYONE should exercise to best of their abilities. Healthy living is really the key. And asamother that hadababy7months ago,Iamabig girl now and proud of it.Ihaveabeautiful designed belly with lots of little red lines my daughter put there as she grew AND my BIG belly protected her.Iamawoman,Ican do awesome things with my body, makeacell intoaliving breathing human being and protect them for 10 months! Grow up people! We are all different, we were made that way. God made us all perfect in our own ways. Oh wait, he is the only one that is allowed to judge.

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