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    • BlkGayAmerican

      Hi Kyle,
      Iread your article and enjoyed your candid, honest opinion about the subject of “barebacking” or “unprotected sex” or “unsafe sex” whatever you want to call it especially saying that you may do it again. Btw, you didn’t have to say. You could’ve told everyone what they wanted to hear and putanice moral of the story at the end.  The one thingInoticed from most of the negative commentators is that no one offers solutions or best practices to prevent “unsafe sex”. They simply call you names, demonize and judge your actions.Idon’t ever rememberatime by calling someone fat, ugly or f*ggot ever madeapositive impact on someone’s life. So, can they sit there and make such nasty remarks and think that they’re notapart of the cause. If people really CARED about helping people stop having “unprotected sex” then they would try to get to the root of the problem. If this person is quote or unquote “self-destructive”, why are they “self-destructive” or putting themselves at this risk.  There’sadouble standard in this issue that no one is addressing and that no one in the comment section would be here if it wasn’t for “bareback sex”. YOUR MOM HAS BAREBACK SEX is an interesting article that you must google and read about. We see it SENSATIONALIZE in tv, film and online yet me expect the gay community to not engage in it simply because they’re atahigh risk than heterosexuals.
      Iknow the risk of having “unprotected sex” so does the other partner involved. It must be MUTUAL AGREE UPON, in order for it to occur. So the argument that one is putting all these potential partner at risk, unbeknownstIassuming, is notavalid argument. It takes two to tango. Sex is an addiction just like alcohol, smoking cigarettes, smoking weed (marijuana) and they all have long term consequence yet many people believe by stating many facts and statistics as well as negative future consequences and the eminent consequence of death that they can make an impact save someone from having “bareback sex”.Ibelieve it takes more than that, gettingasupport group like AA and other addiction support group can help lessen the use of “unprotected sex”.  The gay community isacollective group based on the sex of one’s preference. Sex is the driving force of our culture, it’s everyone from the go-go boys to condom-porn shown on the tv at the bars. Yet we expect gay men to act responsibly at all times while the “straight” community can unprotected sex and knock women up and have illegitimate child without the wife’s consent or acknowledgement and no one demonize them. They don’t lose their jobs or healthcare for that. It’sahonest mistake and they move on. Question: how many extramarital affairs did the guy have? Or there more? What diseases did he pass on to his wife? You can’t have an open discussion by name calling the other side and expect them to fall in line. It’s human nature to make mistakes, over and over, some are emotional, some are physical and others are financial but in order to “help them person” you need to care about that person who hasa”self-destructive” “narcissistic” attitude and the choices that they make. Otherwise you’re just another bully on the playground name callinga”f*g”, “n*gger”, “f*t”, “cr*ckhead” “compulsive g*mbler”
      Iwant to commend the person, whomIcan’t remember, that posted the suggestion of putting lube inside the condom to increase stimulation. They offeredasolution can quite possible reduce the risk of HIV spreading in the community.Ilook forward to hearing more best practice solutions in the future.  I’m not going to ignore that the fact that they’re others who fetishsize about “barebacking”.Ido not wish to pass judgment on anyone,Ido not that in hopes no one pass judgment on me. We have to acknowledge that there isacultural shift to bareback porn due to the increase of studios offering exclusive or mutual selection of condom and bareback porn. Why is there suchahigh demand?
      Igrew up in the 80s and 90s andIwas too young to fully grasp the concept of AIDS and HIV. SureIwatched Philadelphia andIknew something was wrong but living inasociety where there’s less and less people dropping dead from AIDS makes it hard for me to keep that in the back of mind at all times whenIwant to hookup withaguy.Iunderstand the use of condoms and have it’s the most possible way to prevent STDs and HIV from occurring other than abstinence but there needs to be another way.  Let’s haveadiscuss about the size of condoms and condoms haveaone-size-it-all approach and that not everyone can fit the free condoms thrown, given, supplied at most gay establishment. There job is only to protect nothing more, nothing less. What the sensation? Does feel good? CanIjack off inside of the condom and have the same sensation as the real thing? If you’re over 9’, chances are condoms are the most uncomfortable things to put on and this must supply your own magnum condoms, which are not cheap. You can’t getadiscount or prescription for them. If you’re money tight, your only choices are have sex with guys who provide magnums or jerk off yourself. Which may add to the frustration because you want to have sex to escape the fact that you don’t have much money for at leastalittle while. And what about the guys who the free condoms are too small for?  There are many factors that playapart in having sex in the gay community especially monetary factors. Lube, condoms and douche bottles add up and if you don’t have the funds then you don’t get to have sex unless you hook up with someone who has the means.
      Iunderstand while bareback sex prevalent in the gay community. it’s cheap, fast and most important dirty. Sex is dirty; it’s not always polite, or appropriate, and can have many repercussions; however, we, as humans, still engage in it. Why?

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